Sunday, 18 October 2009

Right, well, I reckon 20 months is a satisfactory settling period, time to start blogging! (Truth is, I wasn't really sure I had that much to blog about. Still not certain I do, but I'll give it a go anyway.) It's quite late in the evening and I've spend a (rather long) Sunday drawing, scanning, digitally colouring (and forgetting to save) images of lady pirates and parrots as part of a commission I'm working with Set of Drawers. The deadline is looming and I'd planned to work on them all weekend but sickness and looking after sick people mean I'm not quite as far on as I'd like to be. I am happy with how they're coming on though and I should have some final drafts ready by tomorrow evening, which I'll try and post before sending them off to Anne at Shoofly (the publisher).
Night for now x

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