Sunday, 8 November 2009

Aaarrghh, me land lovers...

Finished the screen printing course yesterday at Northern Print. The course was great but my printing wasn't so good - thought I'd come out with a lovely set of perfectly registered prints, alas that wasn't the case. I have to keep remembering that the course was about learning the process, not really about the end product - but as I'm not overwhelmed with the product I've not yet taken a picture of the prints. But when I do, I'll post them.

So, never one to leave a post without a picture, I thought I'd upload one of the pirate images I mentioned a few weeks ago.

This is Bonnee Annee, one of a few images I've sent through to Ann from Shoofly for a project I'm working on with Set of Drawers. Not sure whether this is the one she wants to use but this is my favourite of the bunch.

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