Saturday, 6 March 2010

Set of Drawers

Howdy folks! It's been a while. Thought it was about time I introduced Set of Drawers, the illustrators' group I'm part of. 

The group began, back in 2008, simply as a handful of illustrators wanting to meet regularly to talk, show and celebrate illustration.  We've been meeting monthly (for over a year now) to discuss current projects, support, critique and encourage each other in our professions and bring ideas to the group for future projects. We've exhibited together twice, as Set of Drawers and have worked on a few group projects, one of which was the Pirate project commissioned by Shoofly. 

The group includes Bethan Laker, Josie Brookes, Deborah Snell, Clare Armstrong and me. We're currently working on a new website which will be ready soon thanks to the wonderful Alan Sawyers. Although the website's not quite ready you can find (and follow) the group on Facebook

Here's a group photo which we sent to Shoofly for the Pirate Poems. (L-R Bethan, Me, Josie, Clare and Debs)

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