Sunday, 14 March 2010

Sleepy Sunday

Today has been super! I've had a really laid back (and perhaps a tad lazy) day. It seems like aaaaaages since I've been able to chill a bit, so although I do feel a bit guilty for not being productive, I also feel really relaxed and recharged. So, although I'd rather be carrying on this little lazy spell, there are a couple of things which I wanted to mention this week.

Firstly there's Jane Smallcombe's exhibition (which is coming soon) to Mushroom Works. This, I cannot wait for! Jane produces beautiful and intricate hand-sewn brooches - little pieces of appliqued art. I introduced myself to Jane about October or November 2008 after seeing her gorgeous brooches on etsy and asked her if she'd like to take part in Mushroom Works' Christmas selling exhibition, Perfect Presents. Happily she agreed. Since then we've kept in touch, with Jane exhibiting in the 2009 Perfect Presents too. This coming show will be Jane's first solo show and from what she's told me it sounds like it's going to be a visual treat. Above is the invitation image for the show and below is one of the new pieces Jane has been working on (more of which can be seen more on her blog). The show opens on Friday 9 April, 6pm - I'm sure she'd love it if you came along.

Secondly, I went to see Alice in Wonderland last night however I'm still not sure exactly how I feel about it. I really wanted to love it. But I didn't. I really enjoyed it but it hasn't made the impact I'd hoped for. We're working on an Alice project as Set of Drawers (which I'll be able to talk about more later) and was hoping to be really inspired by this version. I came away feeling a bit short changed - it felt like too much of a compromise somehow, not saccharine enough to be Disney and not dark nor stylized enough for Burton. Hmmm, maybe I need to see it again.

Before I log off for the night I thought I'd post a few old pictures of my work. Here are few from two exhibitions I took part in last year - the top two are from The Circus Collection (Stuck on You and detail of Giddy Up) which was a Set of Drawers show held at the Richard Ling Gallery and the last image shows a selection from the Girls from Songs series shown at Quite the Character, an illustration show at Mushroom Works. Night, for now!

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  1. Thank you for the feature!!

    I'm hoping to go and see Alice in Wonderland again at the weekend. Wasn't sure what to make of it but Peter loved it!!

    Jane x